Saturday, November 23, 2013

always a day a bride?

sponsored post by Minted, but all opinions are my own!

Recently one of my really good friends got engaged, at the HAPPIEST PLACE ON EARTH (um disneyland + diamonds + love=best idea ever).  She was texting me and one of our best friends throughout the whole trip just waiting for him to propose, and the conversations went like this:

her: "we are at the baseball game, I think it might happen"
us: "eekkk, I hope so!"
her: " didn't happen."
us: "aww. I'm sorry"
next day
her "we are going to the beach, I think it might happen"
us: "eekkk, I bet! the beach is sooo pretty!"
her: "it didn't happen, maybe it's not happening this trip."
us: "I think it will!" (we were very hopeful, and no we had no idea)
later that day
her: "he is acting weird maybe it'll happen now!?" (they were at a bar drinking margaritas)
us: "at a bar? drinking margaritas? with his aunt? ya, maybe?" (we were sure it was not happening then)
next day
her: "we are off to disneyland, I know he wont do it there...he knows I don't want it there...maybe he is doing it on Christmas?"
us: "ya." (in which we started having our own private conversation about how we were going to make her feel better because she has been waiting FOREVER for a ring)

and then she sent us a picture of the most gorgeous engagement ring ever, and said "well I guess I was wrong, and it was the most perfect proposal...yes it was perfect, even at disneyland."

long story short...I am going to be a bridesmaid and I am super excited! She is getting married October 2014, and her theme will be very rustic/vintage. Her wedding will be very DIY, and in her families backyard--mason jars, kegs, & BBQ..perfect.  When searching for cute, original ways to decorate I was drawn to the blog JULEP, by the amazing company minted.  They have a section called "diy wedding" um..hello exactly what we are looking for! 

Some of the amazing things I have fallen in love with are: 

these candles would be perfect in her centerpieces:

this just SCREAMS krystina (the bride) and I could totally see her having these:

this garland (in her colors) would be perfect on her s'mores table!

they plan to have different types of dishes, all vintage-y looking; napkins like this would be perfect:

these would be perfect for escort cards, except with billy ball flowers:

Seriously obsessed with this website, and when matt decides to put a ring on it..I know I will be using Julep to find some inspiration..and minted for my invitations!

where did you find inspiration?

have you ever been a bridesmaid? 

what is your best advice? 

(side note: she didn't want to get engaged at disneyland because she feels too many people get engaged there, but after she had that ring...she basically didn't care and was just sooo excited to be engaged) 


Molly S. said...

Ahhhhh how exciting for her! And love that ring picture you took. And I love even more that I got to read a blog post from you. YAY!

Molly S. said...
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Kristine said...

Gosh, I love weddings... Ps I've been missing you!! Love that you're back to blogging!

Sarah @ More Sangria, please! said...

Miss you blogging too!