Monday, June 3, 2013

settling in

Settling into our new space has been difficult; between Matt's weekend tournaments, and Bogey's separation has been one hell-of-a-week to say the least. The weekend we got the keys I tried to move in as much as I could without needing man power, and then come sunday we loaded up the U-haul with all of our furniture. Headed over to the apartment and unloaded all by 9:30 am. Heck yes! That is what I call efficiency.  I quickly started painting and getting things trimmed and ready to set up. It was tough.. the color came out more blue because of the color the walls already were (a tan) and I had a mental breakdown from exhaustion, and things not going how they are supposed too (typical).  I let the color sit on one wall for the night, and the next day I realized I still loved it and painted the rest of the room.  To say the least it has been an adventure, bogey has had separation anxiety when we go to leave the apartment he just sits and whines for the duration of us being gone. Break my heart. I didn't know until the apartment place called and asked if everything was okay.  I rushed home. Now we are dealing with this and trying to work it out, and it's been tough.. it's been frustrating, but I go back to work Wednesday so we are trying really hard to break this from him.  He is 5, not a puppy.  But I think being separated from his buddy, and being in a new place has scared him.

I have become obsessed with finding things to paint, diy, and chalkboard!

(the E bothers me so much in this is now fixed..and half of you didnt even realize it until i pointed it out) 

(our carpets are a ton lighter than this, the filter changed it)

The thing I LOVE the most is the natural light, we rarely use lights..except at night obviously.  
Pinterest and decor sites have been all over my phone and computer! I love decoration our place and cannot wait to share!!!

where do you get your ideas from? 
if it's on pinterest, leave your link!



Kelly {Sparkles and Shoes} said...

That paint color is gorgeous and I can not wait to see more!

Sparkles and Shoes

Kenya said...

LOVE that color!