Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Chalkboard End Tables (tutorial)

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As I mentioned yesterday I am obsessed with chalkboard paint at the moment (who isn't) and if I could I would paint an entire wall chalkboard, but I am pretty sure that would be pretty hard to cover when we go to move out.
I didn't decide until last minute to make this a "tutorial," so bare with  me on the fact that the pictures aren't exactly staged properly, nor did I remove clutter from background/take tape off from painting walls/etc. #reallife

I used Rust-oleum paint, I read some reviews and it seems to work great!
Plus for the can size you get, its not tooo badly priced. 

I forgot to tape off the edges, but it is really important because the stuff drips, and I like clean lines!

Do thin coats, or else it is like nail polish and if the first coat doesn't dry...then the whole thing is ruined.  I used a roller for the first 2 coats, and then the final coat I used a paintbrush. My suggestion is use a roller the whole time. 

After a day, rub a piece of chalk all over the top, and rub it in, then erase it off. 
Do this a couple times, it helps the erasability of the chalk!

I seriously cannot stop writing things on them, taking pictures on it, etc. 

It is safe to say; I am in love!!


Christy said...

I just saw your instagram pic yesterday & knew I MUST have table like this. It's on the top of my project list. A perfect addition to my home office! : )

Kate from MrsMonologues.com said...

Eep, I love them!! Come visit me and help me paint. I have like 3045698 walls to do.